About ComeSalsa.ca

ComeSalsa.ca web site claims to be a Dance reference in Ottawa and in Gatineau. ComeSalsa.ca stands up when it is about Salsa Dance practices or Salsa Dancing Nights.

What is ComeSalsa.ca mission?

The mission of ComeSalsa.ca is to contribute to a social activity that promotes health in the National Capital region using Salsa: in fact, to encourage people to come out, to make them dance and make them love Salsa.

Who is ComeSalsa.ca?

ComeSalsa.ca is an initiative of a Salsa Addict: a Latin culture and music connoisseur whose name is Eddy who has been seeing and dancing for years in the Ottawa Salsa Clubs and Salsa Dance Community Events. It is you as well: the folks who have been appreciating his music programming and the events organized and brought by ComeSalsa.ca.